When Do Bikes Have the Right of Way in Amsterdam?

Visiting Amsterdam? Saddle up and get ready to discover the vibrant city in a way unlike any other. Although it might seem intimidating at first, navigating Amsterdam on two wheels is quite simple once you understand the Dutch rules of the road. In this blog post, we’ll discuss when bikes actually have right-of-way in Amsterdam and provide some helpful tips so that your journey will be stress-free! No need to worry – with a bit of expert advice, you can easily tour through town safely and confidently!

Amsterdam Biking Right of Way
  • Whenever possible, take advantage of the designated bike paths to ensure your safety. When those are not available, use the road instead; they often have lines or outlines specifically made for bikers.
  • Be mindful of locals who may know their way around town better and tend to ignore regular traffic regulations. Don’t follow their example!
  • Pay close attention to street signs such as stop signs, shark teeth symbols and traffic lights that indicate right-of-way roads so you can stay safe on your ride.
Amsterdam Centraal Station
The busy intersection in front of Amsterdam Centraal Station
  • This may appear to be straightforward; however, do not forget that it is essential to stop for a red light – even if the locals don’t.
  • When biking through Amsterdam (or anywhere else in the Netherlands), you may encounter intersections that don’t have any traffic signals indicating who has the right of way. These are known as ‘equal intersections’, and in these cases automobiles and bicyclists from the right side take precedence over those on other sides.
  • When approaching a stop sign, be sure to yield the right of way to those traveling on the cross-street.
  • Always come to a full stop when you spot someone beginning to traverse the crosswalk or on the threshold of crossing.
  • In nearly every instance, trams have the upper hand in terms of right-of-way and thus should be given priority over cars, pedestrians and bikes.
  • When you spot shark teeth pointing in your direction, it’s time to pause and let the other bikes, pedestrians and cars have the right of way. Shark teeth may appear at road crossings, intersections and roundabouts – so keep your eyes peeled for them! On many occasions, the shark teeth are pointing in the other direction, meaning bikes have the right of way.
Amsterdam Shark Teeth
Shark Teeth indicate that you must yield to other traffic
  • Although two cyclists can ride simultaneously side-by-side, it’s often tricky to accomplish in busy Amsterdam traffic without causing disruption. For this reason, we advise against attempting it

There are many more rules for bikes, cars and pedestrians, but by following these simple rules, you’ll be able to navigate Amsterdam’s streets with ease. You can explore its beauty without worrying about traffic laws. Biking in Amsterdam is a great way to experience the city like a local! Enjoy your ride!

Happy biking! 🙂

(Don’t forget to wear a helmet-even though the locals aren’t!)

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