The bustling canals of Amsterdam, the picturesque Dutch countryside, and scenic attractions, like windmills and castles, are just some of the things you can experience biking in Amsterdam. With over 800,000 bikes in the city, more bikes than people, and hundreds of kilometres of bike lanes, Amsterdam is meant for cycling and bikes are the ideal way to tour the city.

The biking routes on Biking Amsterdam attempt to follow the 'scenic' route, often passing popular attractions or beautiful areas that are just beyond the city centre limits.. View a list of some of the biking routes to explore or see a map of the Amsterdam area that shows where to explore in North Holland.

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Houses in the small village of Randorp

Houses in the small village of Randorp


Located North East of Amsterdam, the bike route to the town of Durgerdam passes scenic views of the Ijsselmeer before returning to Amsterdam through the Dutch polders used for farming. Read more