Amsterdam Parks Route

Distance 23km

Time 4 hours


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Highlights: Vondelpark, Rembrandtpark, Sloterpark, Eendrachtspark, Westerpark

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Route Description

This bike route through Amsterdam gives the opportunity to ride through the city and pass through four scenic parks, including Vondelpark, Rembrandtpark, Sloterpark, and Westerpark. The leisurely ride is a great way to explore the west neighbourhood of Amsterdam and the parks provide plenty of opportunities to bring a lunch and stop to enjoy it amongst some of Amsterdam's beautiful green spaces.

The bike route through Amsterdam's western parks begins from Amsterdam Central Station, heading west along Prins Hendrikkade and Haarlemmerstraat, before making your way to Prinsengracht and following the main canal through the city center. The route then passes through Vondelpark, exiting at the west end, then enters Rembrandtpark a short distance later. The route continues as it circles around Sloterplas via the paths in Sloterpark before returning through residential areas, passing through Westerpark, and back along Haarlemmerstraat towards Amsterdam Central.

From Amsterdam Central Station, ride out to the busy Prins Hendrikkade and cross the street, immediately going right and following the bike path across from the station. After passing over a canal where Prins Hendrikkade splits into different directions , go left onto a small street called Singel, then immediately take the first right onto the busy Haarlemmerstraat. This street is a major route for bikes to use in and out of Amsterdam from the west and the street can often be busy in a chaotic way.

As you ride along Haarlemmerstraat, note when you cross a canal at a busy intersection and continue going straight until the 2nd street on your left. At that street called Binnen Dommersstraat, turn left and ride until you cross a small bridge. Go left at the bridge and follow the road next to the canal until you reach another bridge but do not cross this bridge. Instead, turn right, following Prinsengracht alongside the canal for the next 2.2km.

Take note when you pass the busy street of Leidsestraat, which includes carefully crossing with oncoming traffic from bikes, cars, and trams. Continue following the canal route along Prinsengracht until you reach Spiegelgracht and cross the bridge before going right along the well marked bike path. After crossing another canal a short distance further, ride to the main intersection where there are tram tracks, and go right along Weteringschans. Ride about 250-metres to where the street veers right and look for a crossing to your left. Cross the street to the left and ride under the buildings, passing through a public square and riding out the far side over another canal to a busy intersection. Wait for the traffic lights and cross the street, going straight as you ride past the gates and into Vondelpark.

The next section of the bike route will follow a small portion of a well-known bike route called the Flevoroute, connecting Vondelpark to Rembrandtpark. As you ride into Vondelpark, go left when you reach the first pond and follow the wide, paved path, staying left on the outer portions of the route. You will pass a few ponds and a statue to your right. At the far end of Vondelpark where the paved route forks next to a small patch of trees, go left and ride up a slight incline, passing the gates and stopping at the traffic light. Cross the street and continue riding straight as you pass over a bridge and continue along a well marked bike route. After passing through a second intersection, look for a bridge on your right and turn right to cross the bridge. There are signs marking the Flevoroute, continue to follow this route. After crossing the bridge, veer to the right and continue following the bike path as it passes under a busy overpass. You have now entered Rembrandtpark.

Continue following the main path through Rembrandt Park and keep track of how many overpasses you pass under (you already passed one after the bridge). There is some beautiful scenery through the park area as well as several fields and playgrounds to stop and enjoy. After passing under the third overpass, immediately go left onto a narrower bike path called Orteliuspad (if you reach an intersection, you have missed the turn and must return to the previous overpass). Ride about 175-metres distance along Orteliuspad to a road and go left on the road, crossing the bridge to the traffic light. At the traffic light, do not cross the street, go right and ride along the bike path next to Jan Evertsenstraat.

Pass under an overpass along the busy Jan Evertsenstraat then go straight through a round-about and under another overpass. At the second round-about, go left and onto Oostoever street. Ride along Oostoever until you reach a sign marking the entrance to Sloterpark. The first path is for walking, so take the second path (the one to the left) for bikes. Follow the narrow path into the scenic park as you make your way through the beautiful greenery. Eventually, the path meets a road. Go left and follow the road, continue straight through an intersection and across a bridge as the bike route as the bike route reaches an area where you get a good view of the water to your right.

When the bike path reaches an intersection at a street with tram tracks called Meer en Vaart, go right and continue following a bike path so the water of Sloterpas is to your right. After passing a restaurant on your right and a parking lot area, look for a park sign with a map to your right. Turn right and follow the path, still keeping the water to your right as the route veers left, with apartments to your left and Sloterpas to your right. Ride until you reach a bridge on your right and turn right, crossing the bridge.

After crossing the bridge, you enter the west side of Sloterpark and the area where the Disc Golf course is located. At the junction, go left and follow the path for a short 200-metres to where the path splits to a gradual left, passes over some gravel and up a slight hill, before crossing a bridge over a road. Immediately after crossing the bridge, go left and stay on this route, going straight at the next bike path intersection. After riding through a forest area and crossing a wooden bridge, go right and follow a long, straight canal for roughly the next 1km, crossing several roads in the process.

When you reach a bridge, cross the bridge and go left a few metres, then immediately go right passing a large apartment building to your left until you reach the next street called Ruys de Beerenbrouckstraat. Turn right onto Ruys de Beerenbrouckstraat as you begin to ride back towards central Amsterdam. There is a windmill in this neighbourhood and to stop to see it, after crossing a bridge, turn left by crossing the road at the third street and ride the short 100-meters to it. The windmill is visible from the street you are riding along but only when you look left down the correct street, otherwise it's easy to miss.

Back along the main street passing through the residential area, which is now called Antony Moddermanstraat, continue riding until you reach a large round-about. You need to go left at the round-about but will have to do so by riding around it in a counter-clockwise direction to the far end. Ride out to the very busy intersection at Haarlemmerweg and press the button at the traffic light to cross the street. After crossing the street, go straight passing the canal and turn right about 60-metres later onto a bike path.

Follow this long bike path for about 1km until you reach some office buildings on your left, then turn left onto a reddish coloured bike path and ride to the intersection. Cross the street and go right, riding to the traffic lights where the Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station will be visible across the street to the left. When the light turns green, cross the street and continue riding straight passing the station to your left and passing under a busy highway overpass a short time later. After the highway overpass, cross straight through an intersection and veer left, following the bike path as you pass through a section with office buildings to your right and greenery to your left. After riding along this unimpeded route for 1.5km or so, you will see a grassy area and pond to your right, marking the entrance to Westerpark. Join with a path where people are walking and continue riding until you reach the end of the park within a couple of minutes.

After exiting the park, immediately go right and ride up to the traffic lights, crossing the street and stopping to go left. When the lights turn green, cross the street over the bridge called Willemsbrug to a second set of traffic lights. Go straight through this intersection and follow the route as it veers to the left slightly, then immediately goes right onto Haarlemmerdijk. This was the busy street where you began your bike ride earlier in the day. Follow this busy street as you make your way back to Central Station. After passing over the second canal at Prins Hendrikkade, go left onto the bike path and ride down the hill, passing under the busy street above. Veer to the right and immediately go left over the bridge. After the bridge, go right and ride up the hill, returning to Amsterdam Central Station.


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